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Digital Footprint

Your digital footprint is the virtual representation of who you are — what you consider important, your interests, your opinions, how you spend your time. Do you know what yours says about you?


Social Compass will conduct an in-depth search of your digital footprint — exploring not only social media accounts, but also your overall online presence. We will provide you with a detailed report outlining both positive and negative material identified to help you develop a more complete picture of how recruiters will perceive you.

Course Adjustment

Sometimes course adjustments are necessary after reviewing your Social Compass report. Social Compass will provide a plan of action to assist with managing your content so you can present a positive image to current and future employers.


It’s important to protect your image and your information online. Social Compass will evaluate your security posture and work with you to balance the need to share with the need to protect.

What are hiring managers looking for?

social media is an effective screening tool

Social recruiting is now the norm – but hiring managers are incorporating social media into their hiring process to not only recruit you, they are also using it to research you BEFORE they invite you for an interview. Specifically, companies are using social media to develop a more complete picture of potential candidates before spending the money necessary to interview.

Organizations are not only seeking to identify top talent that will fit well within their organization’s culture, but they are also on the lookout for candidates that display behavior they consider risky or counter to their values.

Do you know what your online content says about you?

  • 92% of companies

    report using social media as part of the recruiting process

  • 68% have hired

    candidates based on content found on social networking sites

  • 69% have rejected

    candidates based on content found on social networking sites

  • 55% have reconsidered

    candidates based on their social profile

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